Thank You, Mom!

Something light-hearted and to the point for Mother’s Day… Here are a handful of some of my favorite cartoons honoring that all-important woman in each of our lives. Mom, you are the greatest!… Continue reading

My Manifesto: Change, Hope, and Making It Matter

Before we get started let me offer a brief word of explanation. I am going through an incredible personal and spiritual metamorphosis. No, I have not abandoned my Christian faith. I still hold… Continue reading

Learning To Trust

Short, personal reflection.. 5 years ago God led us out of Miami. At the time I was confused and angry. I felt hurt. I felt cheated. It all seemed so unfair. But I… Continue reading

Chasing Your Dreams

This is the “purpose” paper that I sent to Mercer and Oxford as part of my recent application. Thought it might prove to be an encouragement to others who are currently “chasing their… Continue reading

Living The Dream

Regent’s Park College at the University of Oxford (England)… Just found out this morning that I was accepted 🙂 Just wanted to start off by saying “thank you” for all the prayers, support,… Continue reading

Doing The Best I Could

Hard to believe it’s been almost 5 years now. That’s a LOT of blogs… When I first started this whole thing I never really imagined I would still be doing it this long.… Continue reading

Sometimes Good People Get It Wrong

Moving has defined my life. It all started when I was a child. My father was in the military and that meant our family was re-stationed about every three years. (Those of you… Continue reading

Call Me Stupid?

A little something I posted on my personal Facebook page recently. Generated a lot of “likes” and comments; so, I thought I’d pass it along. “Call me stupid. Call me foolish. Call me… Continue reading

You Must Have Sin In Your Life

Let me warn you now… This is probably going to offend some of you. Those of you who look in the mirror and mistakenly believe yourself to be sinless and perfect are going… Continue reading

Facing Your Dreams

Another lengthy, personal blog about my “dream.” I apologize again for the “secrecy” surrounding all of it. Just a few more months and I promise I’ll tell everyone (only my wife knows right… Continue reading