This Mess We Call Life

Some recent and very random thoughts on things ranging from faith to work to politics. They all come from my personal Facebook page. Mainly wanted to have a record in the blog for my own… Continue reading

I’m Leaving My Wife And Kids

I’m leaving my wife and kids… Yes, I hate to admit it but it’s true. I know that will disappoint many of you. I’m sorry. But given the circumstances, I felt like I should… Continue reading

One Man’s Take On Race Relations

Little background… I’m white. I’m male. I live in the South. I’m rapidly approaching middle-age. I wouldn’t say I’m Republican (I know that will bother many of my friends but so be it).… Continue reading

Requiem For a Wayward Soul: The Intermission

Just so you know, this is not a “political” post. It’s not. Rather, it’s a very personal post. Because so many of you have journeyed alongside me these past few years, I felt… Continue reading

Thank You, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, for Challenging Me

From President George Bush to LeBron James to Benedict Cumberbatch (my personal favorite) to anonymous and faceless people all over the world, it seems like everyone these days is dumping ice water on… Continue reading

The Real Reason You Can’t Get Free

“But Daniel made up his mind that he would not defile himself…” ~ Daniel 1:8 I know that ultimately our freedom from sin is a work of grace. His death and resurrection made… Continue reading

Ability? Availability? Well… Why Can’t It Be Both?

I think most of us have heard the cliché, “God doesn’t call the able. He calls the available.” Now, maybe the specific version you heard was slightly different. Perhaps it was something along… Continue reading

Midlife Crisis? Losing My mind? Nope… Just Chasing My Dreams

Something I recently posted on my personal Facebook page. A friend had asked me about my thoughts on the Middle East and how I would have approached the subject if I was still… Continue reading

Tomorrow Is Too Late To Prepare

“Then Joshua said to the people, ‘Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.’” ~ Joshua 3:5 Prepare today for what God will do tomorrow. People ask me why I… Continue reading

Giving Away True Treasure

Another hard but honest word… For those who are wondering, I am currently reading the book of Daniel. The opening verses do not paint a pretty picture. The people of God had turned… Continue reading