Some Music Videos That Move Me, Motivate Me, And Make Me A Better Person

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Republican Challenges: Why They Are Losing Votes And Their Voice

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Why I’m Buying “Noah”: Thoughts On Christian Intolerance

Yes, this blog is a little “dated.” The movie has already left the theater (actually came out back in March) but I just got around to watching it. At any rate, I wanted… Continue reading

The Times They Are A-Changin’: Top 10 Signs I’m Aging

If you are old enough to remember the words of that old song, you are probably old enough to appreciate today’s blog. As Mr. Dylan once said, “The times they are a-changing.” In recent… Continue reading

Return Of The Church Signs

Because you asked for it… More funny church signs!!! Got a lot of positive feedback on last week’s post “Church Signs That Make Me Scratch My Head (click title to open blog).” And a… Continue reading

Dream Big Or Go Home

Got to spend my Labor Day hanging out in Boston. Yes, I would have rather been with my family (we live in Georgia) but my employer had summoned me to our corporate headquarters. So, at… Continue reading

Dear NFL, I Say Ban Them For Life

This won’t take long to say; so, I’ll get right to it. And yes, I’m using a broad-brush this time but it needs to be said. Nothing says “coward” like a 6’3″, 290… Continue reading

Church Signs That Make Me Scratch My Head

Something a little different today… Here are some of my favorite church signs. Yes, it’s very possible that some of you might be insulted (especially if you recognize your church amongst the list)… Continue reading

Marriage 101: Practical Principles For A Powerful Marriage

Thought I would try to simplify things just a little. I have collected together 7 of my most viewed blogs on the subject of marriage. I don’t claim to have all the answers but… Continue reading

Just A Thought Update

As I enter my fifth year of Internet blogging, I thought I’d share a few numbers with you… The website currently offers 597 individual blogs covering 117 unique topics. The official Facebook page… Continue reading