Why Rand Trumps Trump

Trump 01Donald Trump…

The name itself elicits any number of thoughts and images depending on your personal impression of the man. For some he represents a voice of truth, firing off angry words that capture the frustrations of many Americans. For others he is just another demonstration of our national obsession with “celebrities,” little more than a sideshow to the political circus. And for still others he is a caricature that only adds more disillusion and disappointment to the entire political process. But regardless of your own thoughts on the man, we can probably all agree that the man is anything but boring. He is entertaining. And for the moment, he has the full attention of the media as they breathlessly await for his next outlandish and inflammatory remark. From the hair to the well-known refrain “You’re fired,” Trump has certainly managed to capture our attention and the early leads in most polling.

But is that enough? Is an ability to entertain sufficient grounds to make Trump the leader of the free world? Does his ability to captivate make him qualified to be our commander-in-chief? Yes, he may well be one of the wealthiest people in America but what about his track record of failed marriages and bankrupt businesses? Can our nation afford the risks that come with such behavior? Maybe it is just me but the stakes seem a lot higher when you are talking about an entire country as opposed to one man’s personal bank account.Unleash The Dream

Meanwhile, Rand Paul seems to be slipping in the numbers. Almost everyday the media paints a picture of a campaign in decline (if not outright disaster). But I have never been one to believe everything I hear. We have barely begun this journey toward 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and I strongly believe that once the dust has settled, Rand Paul will be leading the pack. For now let me just share a few brief thoughts on why I believe Rand will eventually trump Trump.

  1. Trump supporters point out that Trump “tells it like it is.” Ok… Any of my 3 children also have that same ability. And just as in the case of Trump, it usually gets them in trouble. Speaking your mind isn’t the same as speaking wisdom or speaking truth. In American culture we have become blinded by the “big opinion.” We have forgotten how to listen and how to discern sound policy and real solutions from rhetoric and sound bites. Trump plays well on the 30-second media clip. In contrast, Rand has clearly devised and articulated plans for our future. Personally, I can’t wait until the debates begin. The whole nation will tune in to watch Trump. But in the end they will see the clear difference between a man who loves the spotlight and a man who is truly equipped to lead.
  2. Trump supporters declare they are tired of “career” politicians. Last time I checked Rand Paul took office in 2011. Certainly not anything I would declare a career politician. If anything, Rand is a strong proponent of term limits. My feeling is that we may well see him return to medicine in a few years regardless of the outcome of this election. He was a physician for years and on so many occasions his compassion for the hurting and helpless are evidenced in his words and his actions. Maybe it is just me but if I have to choose between a career businessperson and a career doctor, I’m going with the one whose life has been dedicated to healing.Polling Numbers
  3. Trump’s current popularity isn’t going to transfer well on the national stage. Consider these latest poll numbers in the accompanying image to the right. Trump, currently leading for the Republican nomination, is also the least-likely to defeat Hillary Clinton in a national election. Why is that? I think part of it has to do with Trump himself. He does not unite people. Even within his own “party” he tends to be incredibly divisive. While Rand Paul has incredible appeal to “millennials” and disillusioned Democrats, a Trump nomination will fracture the party even further.
  4. Finally, Rand Paul continues to demonstrate a commitment to truth and character. Even his recent comments about Trump reveal his willingness to “tell it like it is.” To be honest, I agree with him 100% when it comes to Trump… it is all a temporary “loss of sanity.” There are too many questions about Trump’s true allegiances, too many concerns regarding his conduct in the past, and too many flaws to believe he is truly the man to make America great again. I’m sorry but the office of the president isn’t something you pursue for further self-aggrandizement or popularity. It is both the most serious and sacred job in the world, one for which Senator Rand Paul is the best equipped and qualified.