10 Reasons I Stand With Rand

Senator Rand Paul during a recent stop at Mary Ann's Diner in Windham, NH.

Senator Rand Paul during a recent stop at Mary Ann’s Diner in Windham, NH.

Here are my top ten reasons for standing with Rand Paul in this upcoming presidential election year.

Oh, wait a minute. Before we go too far I need to make one small announcement. Just so you know… This list is a bit subjective. That is intentional on my part. Initially, I am trying to capture the “feelings” behind my recent decision to become more involved at a local, grassroots level. I plan to publish a more quantitative and analytical appeal in my next blog. So, at any rate, here you go:

10. As opposed to mere rhetoric, Rand Paul provides reasonable solutions. Anyone can talk. In fact, most politicians love the sound of their own voice. Senator Paul on the other hand doesn’t attempt to blind and bewilder us with smooth sound wordings that have no substance. Instead of talking about vague, abstract concepts like “change” and “hope,” he provides substantive policy initiatives that are clear and straightforward.

9. He is not a career politician. The man was a doctor long before he ever ran for a seat in Kentucky. That appeals to me because I have always believed that leadership is defined by a man’s character not by his title.

8. In his “pro bono” medical work I see evidences of compassion and concern for the less fortunate. I find it amazing that a man who is running for national office can still find time to help others. I think that speaks volume about his heart. If he cares enough to provide others with free medical attention, I think he is someone who can be trusted to address the gaping needs in our current healthcare system.

7. As a Republican candidate he is currently best positioned to win the office in an election against Hillary Clinton. Recent polling shows the current Republican leader (Donald Trump) as also being the least likely to defeat the former Secretary of State in a direct election. It is distressing to me that our nation continues to find itself infatuated with “celebrities.” Rand is the best option to appeal to the “other side of the aisle” because of his cross-over popularity with millennials. In contrast, Trump has proven himself to be both polarizing and alienating. Even if he did somehow manage to win the nomination and the president’s office, I doubt Trump could accomplish anything given the bridges he is so quickly burning.

6. Rand Paul graduated from Duke. Hey, I warned you this was subjective. I am a life-long Blue Devil fan 🙂 Besides, if someone can support a candidate because they like his TV show, then I can make my pick based on college allegiances. Who cares if considerations like being informed on the issues are cast aside(insert sarcasm)? #GoDuke

5. Three words… Economic Freedom Zones. I spent over 20 years of my life laboring for a religious non-profit in the inner cities of Minneapolis and Miami. Rand Paul is the first (if not the only) Republican candidate who seems to have any sense of the problems addressing urban America. His concern for others is perhaps best demonstrated in this one policy initiative. He cares about those who are struggling to survive in the desperate areas of America. As someone who has many friends who call such places “home,” I find that one fact to be very encouraging.

4. Rand Paul isn’t prone to compromise for personal gain. Granted, every politician has to engage in some measure of compromise. That isn’t a moral constraint. It is political reality, a necessary part of bargaining with others. But Rand has consistently taken a stand when others have backed down. If he says something, he means it. And his actions in the past have given me confidence that his words can be trusted.

3. He supports term limits. Any politician who has the conviction and courage to put their own job on the line has my support. And in this regard, he is certainly accurate in his proposals. Career politicians have so polluted and poisoned the system that it is beginning to look like we will never recover from this current mess.

2. He believes in the free market, job creation, and a simplified tax code. Just so you know… I am all for the free market. I do believe there are some necessary adjustments that need to be made as we begin to move toward a more global economy. However, I have always felt that less government intervention is best in the long run. The “invisible hand” will provide correction if allowed. Having said that, I do think we can do more to create jobs and reduce the complexity of the current tax code. The American populace has become a means of financial life-support for the government. I’m sorry but that doesn’t sound like “freedom” to me.

1. I recently saw reflections of myself in Rand Paul. Huh? What am I talking about? Well, glad you asked. I recently had the opportunity to attend my first political event in NH. Rand Paul was visiting a local diner in Windham and I drove some 90 minutes from Cape Cod, MA to see him. At the event I saw a man who reminded me of myself. He seemed uncomfortable with all the attention, not in a proud or arrogant way but in the way in which humility doesn’t seek to draw attention to itself. But in spite of that, he took time with every single person who wanted to ask a question, shake his hand, or take a “selfie.” He was deliberate with people. He listened first and spoke second. He projected gratitude, honesty, and humility. As I watched his interactions with the people in the diner I found myself thinking, “This is someone I can trust. This is someone I can support. This is someone I can follow.” Not because he was better than me, or smarter, or more charismatic, or wealthier. Rather, I saw someone like me. Just an ordinary person with a heart to serve others.

Well, there you go. I’m sure many of you will disagree on some of these points. That’s fine. Such is the beauty of the American democratic system. Keep the debate reasonable and sound, and I will be glad to hear from you. As for me, I have made my choice… I choose to stand with Rand.