This Mess We Call Life

Scratch HeadSome recent and very random thoughts on things ranging from faith to work to politics. They all come from my personal Facebook page. Mainly wanted to have a record in the blog for my own use but I thought I’d pass them along.

  • (Aug. 11, 2014) Few things in life are as cathartic (or personally humbling) as spending your Sunday morning crying in front of a room full of strangers. Ended up tossing my sermon notes at Centerpoint Church and going with my testimony. Couldn’t make it through the last part without weeping at the goodness of God in my life. I can’t explain it. I don’t deserve it. But I am grateful. So grateful. But the best part? I stepped out into the parking lot to leave and God spoke 3 simple yet unbelievable words into my life. Said it for years but it bears repeating, “Obedience is its own reward… no matter the initial cost or sacrifice.”


  • (Aug. 28, 2014) Came across this quote last night while studying. Found it personally challenging. “…judges, legislators, and executives perform productive services as important as those of anyone in private industry. They make it possible for private industry to function in an atmosphere of law, order, freedom and peace. But their justification consists in the utility of their services.” Been thinking hard about that last line in particular. “But their justification consists in the utility of their services.” I think much of the current frustration with our government arises from that very idea. We see rampant government spending for positions and programs that don’t seem to translate into any useful or meaningful public value. At the end of the day, like any consumer, we want value for our spending. How desperately we need a return to the idea of “public service.” When politicians see their jobs as only a means to personal gain or privilege they undermine the very foundations of the job itself. The politician should first, foremost, and forever be a public servant. The problem is not the concept of having “politicians.” The problem is that so many of them no longer provide any real “utility in their service.”


  • (Aug. 24, 2014) Came across this quote this morning in an article about digital upgrades at the federal level. “In a White House video documenting his first day at work, Mikey Dickerson (administrator for U.S. Digital Service) says people “want to know if I’m wearing a suit to work every day, because that’s just the quickest shorthand way of asking, ‘Is this the same old business as usual, or are they actually going to listen?'” Increasingly, I am finding that today’s generation is losing it’s appetite for the traditional work mores that emphasized “appearance” and ignored “performance.” Yes, you might look professional in a suit but if you lack integrity, excellence, and initiative it doesn’t matter. People are tired of “empty suits” and the companies who hire and promote them are destined to become obsolete. Give me people who understand the importance of hard work, loyalty, and creativity and I could care less if they come to work in their pajamas.


  • (Aug. 16, 2014) Because some of you keep asking… I sent my résumé to the US House of Representatives this past week (three times actually). Told them I would take any “entry-level” job. Literally wrote on the thing “I just want a chance.” Yeah, I know. Not very professional. But my life has never followed the traditional path. I can’t explain it but “doors of opportunity” continue to open for me in the most unlikely of places. For now all I know is the destination and the expression. “You have served the poor. Now serve those in power.” Never thought I would even be entertaining such thoughts (especially at the age of 47). Oh well… It’s all in His hands. Pray for me. Pray for them. They are going to need it.


  • (Aug. 08, 2014) Democrat, Republican, I honestly don’t care and I’m so tired of every debate being defined by your “party preference.” The issues that threaten our world today should take precedence over any measure of partisan politics. Kudos to Senator Feinstein for her recent statement. “I strongly support targeted airstrikes against ISIL in Iraq. It takes an army to defeat an army, and I believe that we either confront ISIL now or we will be forced to deal with an even stronger enemy in the future. Inaction is no longer an option.” Terrorists organizations only understand one language… ACTION.