Just A Thought Update


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As I enter my fifth year of Internet blogging, I thought I’d share a few numbers with you…

  • The website currently offers 597 individual blogs covering 117 unique topics.
  • The official Facebook page has 5,000 “friends” and another 661 “followers.”
  • The Just A Thought Daily Devotionals Facebook “group” page has another 2,999 members.
  • The Just A Community page has 288 “likes.”
  • The official blog has 184 subscribers and has received over a 175,000 views in 165 different countries worldwide.
  • At our current pace the website will surpass last’s year total number of views sometime in early September.

Why share all that information? To encourage each of you to chase the dreams God has placed in your heart.

When God called us to leave Miami I remember the “complaining and angry” attitude in my heart. I was upset because God had asked me to walk away from a church of a couple hundred. Little did I know at the time that His greater plan was to afford me the time and opportunity to speak to so many more people. As I look back over the past 5 years I am both humbled and amazed by the response that this anonymous blog has generated. God has truly done far above and beyond anything I could ask or think.

Thank you for all the support, encouragement, and prayers over the years. Words cannot express my appreciation. My personal hope and prayer is that, as long as God continues to lead me in this endeavor, this blog will continue to glorify God and edify His people. Take care and God bless.