Thank You, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, for Challenging Me

Ice Bucket

From President George Bush to LeBron James to Benedict Cumberbatch (my personal favorite) to anonymous and faceless people all over the world, it seems like everyone these days is dumping ice water on their heads to support the fight against ALS. And just like any other news item in today’s world, criticism, confusion, and controversy have followed in the wake.

Amidst the splashing sounds and Internet controversy of the ALS bucket challenge these past few weeks, I think we might have forgotten something very important. To offer compassion to suffering people is never a bad idea. Never.

So… I just responded to the ALS #IceBucketChallenged. I volunteered my “time.” I just submitted an online volunteer form. For those suffering from ALS I wanted to do my part to help. So I offer “myself.”

To Jacob, Lance, and all the other people who challenged me this past week via Facebook, I just want to say “thank you.” Thank you for challenging me to do something about someone else’s suffering. Thank you for challenging me to do more. And thank you for challenging me to let compassion rather than controversy rule my heart.