Learning To Trust

Foggy PathShort, personal reflection..

5 years ago God led us out of Miami. At the time I was confused and angry. I felt hurt. I felt cheated. It all seemed so unfair. But I obeyed His voice. In the years that followed the closing of that chapter, I have spent most of my energy on whining and complaining. I blamed God and I was angry with God.

This morning God lovingly and patiently spoke to me, “This whole time I was positioning you for the very thing You asked of me all those years ago. I did not forget you, my child. Nor did I forget your dream. How could I? I was the One who gave it to you. All that has happened was designed to bring you to this very place at this very season. I have brought you this far. I will not fail to bring you to the intended end. Will You not trust me now for all that still lies ahead?”