Facing Your Dreams

Sand CastlesAnother lengthy, personal blog about my “dream.” I apologize again for the “secrecy” surrounding all of it. Just a few more months and I promise I’ll tell everyone (only my wife knows right now). But to be honest, it is still too near and dear to my heart to speak it out loud just yet. At any rate, I share these posts hoping to gain your prayers and perhaps to encourage others in their own journey of chasing the dream…

Let me start by saying “thank you” for all the prayers these past few days. I got my initial answer today and I have made it through the first “door.”  Just so you know, in my mind I see at least 4 more major “doors” that need to be opened. The reality is that they will only become progressively more challenging and costly if I should continue to find favor in this pursuit. (Funny… I never thought I would use the words “challenging” and “costly” to describe a dream.)

To be entirely honest, as I now stand before the second door, I find my confidence shrinking. I feel overwhelmed by my own inadequacies and find myself tempted to quit now. Most people struggle with a fear of failure, a fear of rejection. It’s always been the opposite for me. I fear success. I’ve never once believed I deserved it. I think that’s why I’ve always been so self-destructive over the years. Whenever I get close to it, I usually undermine my own aspirations. At this moment, I find that familiar sentiment tugging at my soul. Sorry to be so honest but it’s who I am and it’s how I feel tonight.

And so, I am once again asking for your prayers. The next “hurdle” comes to me on Friday, March 07. I’m not asking that you necessarily pray that God gives me favor. It’s all in His hands at this point. If He wants it to come to pass, it will. Rather, I’m asking that you would pray that He would grant me the strength and the courage to keep pressing ahead. The closer I come to realizing my dream, the greater my awareness of the size of this “giant.” I’ve spent my whole life preaching about David and Goliath. But now, when I find the giant coming nearer, I am so tempted to just run back to the safety of the camp. For the first time in my life I understand David’s brothers. They weren’t cowards. They were simply overwhelmed by their own frailties. I understand.

At any rate, I would cherish your prayers during the next few weeks. I need wisdom. I need clear guidance. And I need courage. I know that if I can only take the next step, if I will give up the safety of the camp and ignore the voices of discouragement, this giant will fall and the dream will be mine.

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