The View From My Window

WindowI was tempted to complain about my life today. But then I realized that I did not wake up this morning in the Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria, Afghanistan, or Darfur. Yeah, I’m blessed. I’m fortunate. And at this moment I am grateful. Sometimes all it takes is a little perspective.

How quickly I forget my health. How quickly I forget my wealth. How quickly I forget my freedom and promise of a future. I have so much. They have so little… next to nothing. And yet, I still complain. I grumble. I moan. I allow the temporary and fleeting passions, possessions, and pleasures of this world to blind me to eternal truths… to blind me to the real suffering that plagues so many. Instead of looking out my window and thanking God for all my undeserved favor, I choose to whine and worry about so many things that really don’t matter. And all the while they look out their windows desperately hoping to find food for one more day, to somehow escape the madness of their surroundings, to survive just one more day.

War Torn WindowFather, forgive me for all those times when all I see is myself, when I allow the smallness of my problems to become ridiculously gigantic. So many people look out their windows and see a world bereft of hope, a world decimated by despair and devastated by hatred and injustice. Remind me that they would gladly change places with me, that they would readily swap views, eagerly exchanging their “struggle for survival” to have my “daily problems.” Teach me to be grateful. Teach me to walk in mercy. And teach me to be compassionate, to love with actions so that one day their view might change.