What’s Wrong With People?

Angry MobPeople amaze me.

Unfortunately, that’s not always a “good” thing. In this particular case I am referring more to a sense of bewilderment than some type of wonder. The words, “I can’t believe they did that,” are still applicable. It’s just that in this case the intended inference is negative. Yes, I know that pobody is nerfect. I agree. 100%. We all fail. We all fall. We all make mistakes. Sometimes it is accidental and sometimes it is intentional. It’s a part of being human. However… I have noticed in my brief journey here on this planet a couple of issues that seem to plague our shared humanity. So, in no particular order, I present to you what I believe is wrong with people 😉

  1. Blame: Not sure when it happened but at some point our culture moved from “victor” to “victim.” Rather than seeking to overcome our problems and adversities we find it much easier to blame others for our current plight. Words like “responsibility” and “accountability” have gone the way of the dinosaur. Now, it’s all about assigning fault and laying the blame for our own bad choices at someone else’s feet. Only problem is that true change doesn’t happen until we take responsibility for our current situation. Blaming others may make you feel better or justified but it really doesn’t change anything.
  2. Entitlement: I grew up in an age in which things like “work ethic” had tremendous worth. I was told from the earliest age that I had the power to become anything I wanted in life. Hope for the future was birthed in me through the twin tools of education and empowerment. Today? Today few people want to work for anything it seems… especially if it’s going to be hard or involve personal sacrifice. The modern-day mantra has become “If it’s free, it’s for me!” People have discarded the value of “earning” and replaced it with the misguided notion of entitlement. The day we realize no one owes us anything is the day we start walking into a better tomorrow.
  3. Dogmatic: There is nothing wrong with being right. Truth is truth. But in today’s world we are making the mistaken assumption that to be right means I can NEVER be wrong. Thumping our chest and shouting to the world, “I AM RIGHT!” usually means that we are already wrong. We have become too quick to argue, too quick to shout, and too quick to demean others in our desire to be right. (Don’t believe me? Post a controversial blog and see what happens.) The world has become too global for us to continue to stick our heads in the sand and ignore the plethora of cultures, religions, political systems, etc. that surround us. Bottom line? If what I believe is true, it should stand on its own merit. Too many people are undoing their sense of conviction with their own condemning conversation, conduct, and character.
  4. Entertainment: What? How can entertainment be an issue? Simple. When entertainment becomes the end-game in our lives we tend to stray from values and priorities that should take precedence. How much money is spent in our world on entertainment? How much good (benefit) could be derived from that same money if it was redirected elsewhere? Just take education for example. Imagine how different our schools would look if the best teachers earned 7-figure salaries. In such a scenario the opportunities are limitless… cancer, autism, world hunger and poverty, police and fire protection, much-needed infrastructure for developing countries, on and on and on it goes. I’m not saying entertainment is wrong. I’m just saying that we have made it far more important than it should have ever been in the first place.
  5. Excess: Regardless of the arena of human experience, an uncontrolled appetite always ends in destruction. As a society we have lost the ability to say “no” because we have lost the meaning of being  satisfied and content. We always want something different… something else… something more. And in the end we created an unnatural hunger for pleasures, possessions, and experiences that will never fully or truly slate our inner thirst.
  6. Anger: I meet so many people who are filled with anger. I don’t want to point the finger because I understand. Pain, problems, disappointment, disasters, disease, unemployment, divorce, death… all these things happen outside the realm of our control. They leave us feeling powerless. They leaving us feeling defeated. And in our frustration we lash out, particularly at the ones we most love. We allow anger to become the defining trait in our character. We become the people of the “short fuse” and the “regrettable reaction,” forever saying and doing things we wish could be undone. And all because we are angry.
  7. Despair: It’s the inevitable outcome of a life that is defined by any or all of the previous 6 conditions. Travel in the above issues and you will eventually find yourself in despair, believing that there is no hope. When that happens people tend to do one of two things: either they put on the brake or they step on the gas. Depending on their choice, the result can be strikingly different. One ends in disaster. The other ends in new beginnings. Despair need not be the final chapter in your life. As long as there is breath in your lungs you still have time and you still have a chance. It’s not over. Change is possible. But it begins with first recognizing and admitting the problem.

So, in closing, let me ask you a simple question, my friend… what’s wrong?