Got Problems? Got Impossibilities?

NotMe02Got problems? Got impossibilities?

Well, I wouldn’t begin to tell you that I have an answer but here are some random excerpts from the past 5 years of blogging that might help. Hope it’s a blessing. Take care.

  • “Far too often I become complacent and comfortable in my faith. I accept so many situations. I learn to survive. I learn to cope. I learn to get by. At some point along the way I lose sight of the glorious truth that with God nothing is impossible. I serve a God who has declared that nothing is too difficult for Him. He delights in giving good things to His children. He is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that I ask or think. His promise is that if I ask, it will be given to me. Believe, and I will receive. So, why am I so hesitant to believe for the impossible?” ~ from “Impossible? Only If You Believe It Is
  • “I want to encourage you today to ‘hang in there’ just a little longer. I know it seems impossible right now. Your season of opportunity has passed. Any real hope of change vanished a long time ago. But it’s times like these when we need to remember Sarah. More importantly, it’s times like these when we need to remember God’s promise. ‘For nothing will be impossible with God.'” ~ from “When His Promise Seems Impossible
  • “One word, one touch….that is all that stands between where you are right now and the place where God wants to take you. Take time this week and get alone with Him. Go into an inner room with Jesus and shut everything else out. Let Him touch you. Let Him speak to you. Let Him change everything.” ~ from “One Word, One Touch
  • “Some of you are very, very close to your miracle. Closer than you can possibly realize. Sometimes the closer you get, the harder it gets. I am often reminded of a quote from David Wilkerson, ‘The hardest part of faith is the last 30 minutes.’ Now is not the time to quit. Now is not the time to give up, to give in to despair. Now is the time to push through all the excuses, reasons, rationalizations and feelings that are telling you it’s pointless. Your ‘immediately’ might be as close as one more lunge.” ~ from “Immediately Is Closer Than You Know
  • “He is our source. He is the one who transforms our nothing into as much as we need. There is nothing shameful about turning to God. The only real shame is when we allow our excuses to keep us in the place of need. God is able. God is willing. God is longing to answer our prayers. All it takes is someone who is willing to ask…to seek…to knock. To that one the door will be opened. Let God hear you knocking today.” ~ from “When The Door Is Closed

Want to read more from any one of these blogs? No problem. That’s quite possible. Just move your mouse over the emboldened title of your choice, click on the of title, and it will take you directly to that devotional. Hope they are a help. Take care.