Humbled, Amazed, and Grateful

Boston SunriseWhen I look back at the events of these past 2 years I am seriously tempted to think that there is indeed some “invisible hand” providentially guiding my steps… I know many of you don’t know me but I’ll be honest, there are far too many “coincidences” in my life for me to NOT believe in God.

Today has been one of those days when the dream seems so close I think I could just reach out and grab it. I continue to meet people who are proving to be unique connections. I continue to experience favor with people who shouldn’t give me the time of day. I continue to feel the embers of long-forgotten passions once again begin to blaze anew. I continue to find myself almost magnetically drawn to a destiny that I can scarcely begin to imagine possible. In the most difficult of seasons He has birthed the hope for a better tomorrow in the dark shadows of my own inner disappointment and despair. The sunlight of a new dawn is bursting across the horizon of my life. Now, more than ever before, I know that the seed which has been planted will bring forth a harvest, the winter of my soul will give way to a spring filled with new life, and the dark days are going to be erased by a new and glorious tomorrow. I am certain.

What can I say to all this? Not much… I am continually humbled, constantly amazed, and forever grateful for these graces and favor I don’t deserve. God has been good to me, far better than anything I ever have or will merit.

Hmmm, I wonder if Joseph had any such awareness just before that door swung open on that day.