In The Absence Of Answers

QuestionsThe problems we face in life don’t always have simple solutions or easy answers…

That doesn’t mean that we lack for a response. True, we cannot control what happens to us. But we can control how we react. That part of the equation is well within our realm of control. But in spite of that, there will be times, many times, when we will have to continue forward without knowing the what, where, when, who, why, and how of the Divine purpose. The reality is that we won’t always have the answers readily available to us. There will be times when we will just have to trust God. Guess that’s why they call it “faith.”

At any rate, it was that line of thinking that led me once again to the life of Joseph this morning. And so, I just wanted to share this simple thought with you today. It started off as a post on my Facebook page but I just felt I should pass it along:

I wonder if Joseph ever felt tempted to lash out at the “injustice” of his life and circumstances. Mother died when he was 12, betrayed by his brothers, separated from his father and younger brother for decades, sold into slavery, falsely accused of rape, left to die in an Egyptian dungeon… Even to the degree that his youthful hubris was sin, certainly it didn’t “merit” the tragedies that befell him. It doesn’t seem fair. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t have either an answer or an explanation for those apparent incongruities. Neither do I have one for the things that plague our lives. All I know is that in spite of all that Joseph encountered, in the end God’s Word held true. What had been meant for evil, God used for good. One’s man willingness to endure hardship and trials became the catalyst for the world’s salvation. (Sound familiar?) Let’s not be too hasty in our premature judgments of our present pain and problems. Hold fast to your faith. Hold fast to your God. He remains faithful and He never fails His children. In the end He will cause it all to work together for your good and His glory.