ImpossibleHow the naysayers love to tell you that it can’t be done. “You’re not qualified… You don’t have the training or experience… You’re out of your league… You’re not the right person for the job… Your reach has exceeded your grasp… You bit off more than you can chew… That’s beyond your capability… You’re destined to fail, destined to fall… Not you… It’s never gonna happen… You can’t do it…” Lies!!! Lies!!! Lies!!! History is filled with the incredible stories of people who refused to take “no” for an answer, people who chose to believe that the God who gave the dream was also able to bring it to life. Who’s to say that you and I are not destined for greatness? Who’s to say that you and I cannot accomplish the very thing that others say is impossible? Stop believing the lie. Stop settling for less. Stop giving up just because someone else filled your ears with negative words. Listen instead to God’s words. God declares, “You can do it!” God declares, “You are more than conqueror!” God declares, “Nothing is too difficult!” Impossible? Sorry. It’s just not true. With God nothing is impossible.

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” ~ Philippians 4:13