Being The Right Person

Mirror02Here is a collection of some random ramblings from Ruth that I posted via Facebook the past few weeks. They weren’t written in any certain order, just thoughts that came to my mind during my morning times of prayer. If you are not familiar with the book of Ruth, you might want to check it out first. (It’s real short. Only about 4 chapters long.) At any rate, thought these might be a blessing. At the very least I hope they remind us all that being the right “kind” of person is still important. Character counts.

  • Some people mistakenly think that Ruth is a story about being in the right place at the right time. Wrong. Ruth is a story about being the right person no matter the place or time. Character counts. No matter what our culture says…
  • The book of Ruth contains neither miracles nor supernatural manifestations. And yet, in spite of that, it is still a story filled with incredible awe and wonder. Hopefully, the Church will realize one day that God’s majesty is not some carnival side-show, some three-ring circus attraction. No, not at all. God’s greatest works are those which He performs in the course of our “ordinary” lives. Provision, protection, His abiding presence, His providential hand of care and guidance… these are the things that should move us to worship because they are truly the evidences that He is God, that He is able, and that He never abandons His children.
  • Boaz should remind all of us that even the smallest acts can have life-changing impact. He was just doing the right thing, being the right kind of person. He showed kindness and graciousness to people who had nothing to offer in return. The result? He found a wife and became part of the lineage of the Christ. Be careful how you treat the people around you… your destiny may very well hang in the balance.
  • Before the end of chapter 1 Naomi had lost everything… her husband, her two sons, and all hope for the future. All of her previous joys and expectations now lay buried and abandoned. Yes, Naomi was heartbroken. Yes, Naomi’s loss was real and overwhelming. But Naomi’s story was not over. Life had been hard but God was not finished. And He who is faithful would have the final word in her life. The best was yet to come.
  • Today’s current “theologians” won’t like this… but I do think this is worth noting. In the book of Ruth the faithfulness of God was not demonstrated until Ruth first exhibited her own faithfulness to Naomi. Ruth FIRST served (selflessly and sacrificially) with no expectation of reward. THEN, God responded with incredible blessing and provision. Consider your current situation and the present relationships in your life. It’s easy to point the finger at God and demand faithfulness of Him. But it’s much harder to look in the mirror and require it of yourself. God is and will be faithful. No question there. But what about you and I?
  • Ruth worked. I should just have left my post at that but most people might not get it. It’s easy to sit around and complain about one’s circumstances. Blame others. Blame life. Blame God. But Ruth did none of those things. She did the best with what she had left over and trusted God with the details and her future. That might just be a word for someone today.
  • The beauty of Ruth is that these two women were just trying to survive, just trying to get by. They weren’t “naming and claiming it.” They were “confessing and possessing it.” They simply held fast to their faith in God and did the next thing that needed to be done. They kept moving forward in life. And in the midst of their trials and struggles God showed up and showed off on their behalf. Never forget… His faithfulness is greater than my pain, greater than my problems, even greater than my lack of faith.

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