Finding it difficult to wait on God? Does it seem like your day will never come? If that’s you, the 18th most viewed blog of the past 2 years might be just the thing you need to read. Taken from Mark 5, this blog is a powerful word of hope and encouragement. Just click the title link to read the entire devotional. Take care.

18. “Immediately Is Closer Than You Know”

I am often reminded of a quote from David Wilkerson, ‘The hardest part of faith is the last 30 minutes.’ Now is not the time to quit. Now is not the time to give up, to give in to despair. Now is the time to push through all the excuses, reasons, rationalizations and feelings that are telling you it’s pointless. Your immediately might be as close as one more lunge.” ~ excerpt from “Immediately Is Closer Than You Know”