The 20th most viewed blog of the past 2 years took a look at marriage, most specifically the husband’s regard for his wife. Got a lot of “grief” for this one but I stand by my initial analysis. 20 years of counseling have convinced me that we live in an age when many men have become confused regarding the whole issue of Biblical love. The pornification of our nation is one of the leading contributors to this prevalent distortion. At any rate, if you want to check out the original blog, just click the title link below.

20. “God Said Love… Not Lust”

Are you loving your wife? Not just with your words but with your actions. No woman wants to feel or be treated like an object. Give your wife the place of honor and dignity that she deserves. Shower her with your love. Be willing to sacrifice for her benefit and welfare. Be ready to serve her at all times. And be certain that she is the only one, that she is set apart in your heart and mind.” ~ excerpt from “God Said Love… Not Lust”