Never Too Late

Have you ever felt like your season of opportunity had passed you by?

I’m not sure how or when it actually happened but I woke up one morning and realized my life was potentially more than half over. Yes, I’m only 45. But let’s be honest. There is a very good chance that I have more years behind me than in front of me now. In all likelihood I’ve probably crested the top of the hill and am already starting to begin that awful, rapid descent down the other side. The clocking is ticking. Time is running out. The hourglass has become my enemy. And I am becoming increasingly aware that my days here on this earth are limited. For the first time in my life I have become cognizant of my own mortality. I will not live forever. Not on this earth. Not in this plane of existence. There is an end that comes to all men and it will eventually find me as well.

I know. Sounds rather dreary and depressing, doesn’t it? None of us like to be reminded of the finite nature of human existence. But it is reality. However, there is also another reality at work for those of us who know God. Even while are natural bodies are deteriorating are spiritual life is growing. And it is during these seasons that I am reminded that our eternal Sovereign is not limited by the constraints of age and time. Throughout the Bible we see people doing remarkable things in the Kingdom despite their age. While the rest of the world sought to place them in homes God was moving them to the forefront of His purposes. Sure, their bodies might have resisted but their spirits were more than willing and able. Through faith and the grace of God they fully realized that in Him and through Him it is never too late.

It’s never too late to turn around. God allows u-turns in life. Tired of the current direction of your life? Who said you couldn’t move in a different direction? Just turn around. And start pursing a different path. Remember Moses? Spent 40 years on the backside of the desert. He thought his life was over. The truth was that it was just beginning. Thanks to a divine encounter Moses turned around and began moving in a new direction. The back that had been turned to Egypt was not turned to the desert as He started pursing God’s new directive for His life.

It’s never too late to forgive. No, there is no rewind button in life. What was done is done. What was said is said. You can’t go back and change any of it. But you can put aside the bitterness and anger. Stop allowing something that someone said to you back in the day to imprison you for the rest of your life. Our God is all about restoration but sometimes the critical point for us is the willingness to forgive. Remember the prodigal son? The father had every reason to be angry. He had been used, abandoned, hurt, and rejected. But instead of spending his remaining years in isolation and bitterness, he forgave his son. For me the beauty of this story is not that the son came home but that he had a home to come back to. Give it to God and forgive. Life is too short to waste on anger and pain.

It’s never too late for God to intervene. If you’re not sure about this one, just ask Martha and Mary. Lazarus was dead. Had been in the grave for 4 days. D – E – A – D. He wasn’t coming back. But then Jesus stepped into the picture. One word from the Master changed everything. The impossible became reality as their dead brother came strolling out of the tomb. I know your current situation seems impossible. But it’s not… not with God. Don’t give up. Don’t quit. Don’t lose hope. He remains faithful through every season of life and He will not fail you. It’s not too late for Him.

It’s never too late to see the dream fulfilled. This last point is mainly for myself… God gave Joseph dreams, dreams that were put on hold for decades as Joseph underwent one crisis after another. Betrayed by his brothers. Sold into slavery. Falsely accused of attempted rape. Left to die in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. As he sat there chained to one of the central pillars in that Egyptian dungeon, the dream must have seemed like a pipe dream. But one day, the prison door opened and the divine dream proved true. God had not lied. The word He had spoken was the same word He upheld. The prison bowed before the promise as providence led Joseph to the palace. The God who gave the dream was the same One who saw it fulfilled.

So, take heart, my friend. No matter your current circumstance, it’s never too late for our God. For Him the impossible is possible. He delights in making all things new. He causes all things to work together for the good. He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond anything we can ask or think. Nothing is too difficult for Him. Nothing is impossible with Him. Yes, the clock is ticking, Yes, some of us have entered the second half of life. But God is not worried. And in the end His plans will prevail. For Him, it’s never too late.