Continuing yesterday’s count down of the 25 most viewed blogs of the past 2 years. Here is # 24. This was one of the very first blogs I wrote. For a variety of reasons it has produced quite a number of views since it was first published back in 2010. Hope it’s a blessing. (Click on the title link to view the actual blog.)

24. “Disappointed With God?”

Yes, life had taken an unexpected turn but Joseph still trusted the Navigator. Joseph was tempted to feel disappointed but in his heart he knew that God would never disappoint. No matter the circumstances God would use any and every situation for His glory and Joseph’s good. Even if that meant prison, Joseph was willing to trust that God was still in control, that God was still good. His temporary season of potential disappointment was actually a divine appointment. And in time God would prove once again that He never disappoints.” ~ excerpt from “Disappointed With God?”