21 Days Of Christmas: Opportunity

Christmas is opportunity. Never forget the drama that was a part of that first Christmas. Joseph and Mary were far from home. It was late. They were tired. And Mary was about to give birth. They desperately need some hospitality, some charity, some grace. But instead of open hearts all they encountered were closed doors. On the night when God would give His best, humanity gave its worst. People in need were turned away. The Son of God was left to be born in a stable. How tragic… I want to remind each of us that for many people Christmas can be a very desperate season. Loneliness. Worry. Despair. It’s anything but holly and jolly. All around us are people who are longing for a little help and looking for a little love. Too often the Church can lose focus during the holiday season. Don’t let all the bright lights blind you to the hurting people. Open your eyes. Open your heart. Make the most of this season of opportunity.