21 Days Of Christmas: Pregnant

Christmas is pregnant. Pregnant with possibilities. Pregnant with purpose. Pregnant with promise. Think about it. For 9 long months Mary had carried the seed of God’s promise within her womb. How she must have eagerly longed for that day when all of the discomfort, inconvenience and sacrifice would finally give way to the birth of her son. We celebrate Christmas because of the birth. For us it marks the beginning. But for Mary it was actually a culmination. It was the zenith. It was the climax. It was that moment of childhood ecstasy when we are finally allowed to unwrap the gift that has been taunting us for weeks under the tree. Next time you think about Christmas remember the birth. But never forget the pregnancy. Before God births anything in your life there will first be that season of conception and pregnancy. Being pregnant is never easy. But take it from Mary. In the end it will all be worth it. Christmas should remind us all that the seeds that God has planted will in the fullness of time bring forth the blessing.