21 Days Of Christmas: Suddenly

Christmas is suddenly. Let me explain. The word appears in Luke’s account of that first Christmas. “And an angel of the Lord suddenly stood before them…” Suddenly. Quick. Without warning. Out of nowhere. When you least expect it. Israel had endured almost 400 years of divine silence. God had not spoken since the book of Malachi. Israel had fallen into the routine called life. Religion had become a lifeless ritual. If people even still believed in the promised Messiah, they certainly weren’t expecting it. But then… suddenly God’s plan was revealed via an angelic entourage. The heavens declared that God always keeps His promises. Christmas should remind all of us that God loves to surprise His children. When we least expect it He will suddenly show up. If it seems like you have been waiting forever, don’t lose heart. Remember that first Christmas. Remember the angel. And remember that God has a suddenly waiting for you.