When The Lion Roars

Psalm 46:6, “The nations made an uproar, the kingdoms tottered; He raised His voice, the earth melted.”

Don’t make the mistake of minimizing God. (Hey, I’m not pointing the finger. Believe me, I’ve been there. I understand how it happens. I understand why it happens. If anything, I am speaking primarily to myself.) When trouble arises, when times of testing come knocking, when adversity and difficulty set up camp outside the walls of you heart don’t make the mistake of hitting that minus sign in the right hand corner of your faith. Don’t let the situation shrink your God. Don’t let the circumstances condense your Sovereign. Don’t let your feelings make little of your faith. When trials and tribulation seek to undermine our confidence we need to remember the glory and grandeur of our God. Our God is omniscient. Our God is omnipresent. Our God is omnipotent. In English? He is all-knowing. He is everywhere. He is all-powerful.

In Psalm 46 the creation has lost its mind. The opening verses reveal a world in trouble. The mountains shake. The oceans roar. The very earth itself is undergoing a time of tremendous upheaval. And in the midst of it all we hear the voice of God. “Do not be afraid. I am your refuge in the midst of the storm. I am your strength when you can’t go on. I am with you. I am for you. The chaos and confusion around you is powerless to move Me. In Me you will know joy. In Me you will find peace. I am your very present help in trouble.” Loving and encouraging words from a gracious and compassionate God. When we feel like we are falling apart our God mercifully holds us together. No matter the problem, no matter the need, no matter the impossibility we can be encouraged. We need not be afraid. Our God is a very present help in trouble.

In Psalm 46 the nations have also lost their minds. They lay siege to God’s holy city. They attack the place of His habitation. With bow and spear and chariot they seek to undo His people and overthrow His rule. Like some snarling dog they growl at God. They bark at the Sovereign. They seek to bite the very hand that feeds them. Once again God speaks. But this time it is not the words of a loving Father. Rather, it is the rebuke of an offended Lord. They growled. God roars. Their threats fall to the ground revealed to be nothing more than the vain boasts of a prideful people. His voice melts the very earth on which they stand. With words He reminds the nations that He is Sovereign, that He alone is God, that He is an all-consuming fire. Neither the defiant nor the disobedient shall stand before His word. In their folly they mistakenly believe that their human weaponry somehow has a chance against unlimited divine power.

In Psalm 46 we are encouraged to not allow the troubles of life to cause us to lose our minds. How quickly we forget the power of His word. His very voice that melts the earth is the same voice that speaks forth His promises. What can stand before the power of His word? Human devices and schemes? Sickness and disease? Bondage and addiction? Difficulties and death? No. No! No!! No!!! His word is the final word. His promise will stand when all else has melted like butter. The enemy can growl like a dog. But he cannot stand before the roar of the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Like all defeated foes, his courage melts at the sound of His voice. He turns tail and runs at the presence of Him who is all power and might. The enemy’s empty threats cannot stand before God’s promises.

In my life I am asking God to “raise His voice.” I long for Him to melt the plans and purposes of the enemy of my soul. I stand firm in my faith that the time of my deliverance will come. And in the meantime, He is all I need to stand in the face of any storm. He is my refuge. He is my strength. He is my very present help in trouble. He is the One who is abundantly available in my time of need. He is my stronghold. He is with me. Let the enemy growl. Let the troubles of life bark and bare their teeth. I will not be afraid. Honestly? I’m not the one who needs to be afraid. The Lion is about to roar…