10 Months In Argentina: A Full Life

It hardly seems like we are almost at the end of our sixth week. Our time here is passing by so rapidly that I worry that it will all end before I am ready. Dear Jesus, please continue to break my heart with the message which the Holy Spirit has been stressing as of late. “The time is at hand. Surely I come quickly. Redeem the time. And work while it is day.” The cry to diligence and urgency has been inescapable lately, but yet so often I still feel lacking in regard to a heart that is broken to make the most of every moment for His glory. Lord, teach me and enable me to redeem my time in order that every day, hour, and minute would be fruitful unto Your glory. There are so many who have never heard and so much to be done here in Bariloche. Consume me with a passion for the lost and a driving sense of urgency in regard to their need. Burn up in me the seasons of laziness and idleness. Use me to the fullest for Thy Name’s sake.

God has given me a tremendous vision for the children’s ministries here in Bariloche, but I am just now beginning to realize and understand the depth of labor involved. Lord, my prayer daily for this area is that of David, “Make Thy way straight before my face.” I want nothing less than the perfect will of God for these children. Fill my heart with brokenness, love, and compassion for the welfare of their total being. Enable me to master the language so that I can begin to minister one to one. Strengthen me against the discouragement that would arise out of the seemingly insurmountable size of the task before me. Give me the faith that sees mountains cast into the sea. Anoint me with the fulness of the power of the Holy Spirit. Even now, I am impressed again with the need of prayer. “My voice shalt Thou hear in the morning, O Lord; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto Thee, and will look up.” All that I ask for in regard to the need of the children will be discovered and realized only as I am faithful to daily, fervent prayer on their behalf. The demonic stronghold that has imprisoned these children for so many years, “can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.” Even so, let it be reality in my life through the power of the Spirit.

I finished “Shadow Of The Almighty” last night. This man, Jim Elliot, has been a part of my daily life for almost 3 months now. In a way, there was a small sadness in me as I finished the book. Lord, thank You for the testimony and witness of this one life. So many times I have been encouraged by his commitment and dedication. Like Jim said, “I seek not a long life, but a full one, like You, Lord Jesus.” This too is my prayer…a life full of love and service for Christ.

In the practical aspects of our living, all is going wonderful. The Lord has blessed us far and beyond anything that we asked or hoped for. We have a home located only 3 houses down from the church… Everything we could possibly want in terms of possessions, we have. Truly, He has given back to us in this life 100% of all that we gave away for Him. He is faithful to His Word. Lord, ready us for the persecutions that are also a part of the promise so that we might remain faithful to Your Word in that day.

Looking back I see the truth of Psalm 31:23-24 as being our daily reality. He has preserved us against every trial and adjustment in this new land. He has plentifully rewarded us. And daily He strengthens our hearts. In turn, I pray, O Lord, empower and enable us to love you… to remain faithful… to be a doer of the Word and work at hand… to be bold and courageous in all our service… and to hope and trust in You every day. Amen.