10 Ways To Lose Your Bride

Ephesians 5:33, “…each individual among you also is to love his own wife even as himself,…”

One final word of warning and challenge for the men (ladies, feel free to read the list as well). For years I have counseled people that there are many things in life that you can get wrong. Marriage is probably not one of them. The pain of separation and divorce leaves scars that can take a lifetime to heal. Better to get it right the first time than to have to learn the hard way. My hope is that this list will speak to the hearts of husbands (as well as future husbands-to-be). May we all be reminded that our wives are a priceless jewel, one who’s worth is beyond compare.

10 ways to lose your bride…

10. Convince yourself that your porn problem isn’t really a problem. Continually tell yourself that you have it under control, that you can quit at any time. Besides, if your wife really loved you, she would understand. What wife would possibly have a problem with you fantastizing about other women anyway?

9. Refuse to give up your weekly get togethers with the guys. Whether it is the bar or the basketball court, your play time must be guarded at all costs. What difference does it make if she is home alone every night? You gave her 3 kids to keep her company. Besides, it will just make her have an even greater appreciation for the times when you are home.

8. Leave all the household chores for her. C’mon, everyone knows that domestic responsibilities are the woman’s job. Who needs a maid when you have a wife? Besides, your mother always cleaned up after you. You’re just passing along the privilege.

7. Never under any circumstances ask her about her feelings, her dreams, or her day. Emotions are strictly for females. Besides, women want the strong, silent type. So, keep your mouth shut and talk to her as little as possible.

6. Spend large amounts of money on your hobbies while complaining regularly about the money she spends on necessities. In fact, giving her an allowance will really solve the problem. That way she can’t go over your budget. Besides, the kids can always wear last year’s school clothes.

5. Make your career your top priority. Ignore your children. Break your promises. Miss as many family events as possible. Stay late. Work overtime. Work weekends. But do whatever it takes to be successful in your career choice. Besides, you can always remarry. But a good job? That only comes around just so many times.

4. Constantly berate, belittle, and otherwise abuse her verbally. Forget compliments. Wives need and flourish in an environment of constant criticism.  Lots of it. The more the better. As often as possible. Complain about everything (especially her cooking and her mother). Besides, those pants really do make her butt look big.

3. Be unfaithful. Play around. Be a player. Flirt with other women. Have wandering eyes. Keep your little black book up-to-date. If she knows that other women still find you desirable, it will keep her on her toes. Besides, everyone knows that women are attracted to the bad boys. Your infidelity will only help “spice up” your marriage.

2. Always put yourself first. Only think of yourself. Your way should be the only way. Never forget it’s only and always about what you want and need. In fact, remind her of that fact frequently if necessary. Besides, you are doing her a big favor. If papa’s not happy, then no one should be happy.

1. Neglect your spiritual life. Prayer? Bible study? Family devotional times? Church? Leave those things to her and the kids. You have far more important things to do… like work on your fantasy football team. Besides, who wants to run the risk of God actually speaking to their hearts and saving their marriage?

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