A Tale Of Three Fathers

Mark 5:22-23, “One of the synagogue officials named Jairus came up, and on seeing Him, fell at His feet and implored Him earnestly, saying, ‘My little daughter is at the point of death; please come and lay Your hands on her, so that she will get well and live.”

Mark 9:21-22, “And He asked his father, ‘How long has this been happening to him?’ And he said, ‘From childhood. It has often thrown him both into the fire and into the water to destroy him.  But if You can do anything, take pity on us and help us!‘”

We men tend to be problem solvers. If something is broke, just give me some tools and I will fix it. It doesn’t matter if it is the car or the plumbing. Doesn’t matter if I don’t know the difference between a screwdriver and a wrench. Full of confidence, I will cast aside the directions and plunge head first into any difficulty. Many times we approach life the same way. We are convinced that we can handle every crisis. No matter the situation or the need we are certain that given time we can solve the problem. The tragedy is that life is filled with issues that are beyond our capability, beyond our ability to fix them.

Consider these two fathers. Both men were faced with impossible needs. One man had a demon possessed son bound for destruction. The other had a sickly daughter racing down a path toward death. Both men were powerless. Both men were desperate. Both men had reached the end of their natural ability. Both men had come face to face with their own limitations, their own inability to help their children in the midst of tremendous need. For both men the moment of truth had fully arrived.

Today I want to encourage each of us to take a lesson from these two men. When faced with the impossible both men made the same choice. Recognizing their own weaknesses and inability, they both ran to Jesus. They both intervened for their children. They both asked God for His help. They both received a miracle. The dead girl was restored to life. The tormented child was set free. Two fathers realized that the greatest gift they could ever give their children was their faith and their prayers. Because they were willing to set aside their pride, their children experienced life to the fullest. Freedom instead of bondage. Life instead of death.

See, we fathers need to remember that we also have a Father. The difference is that this Father does have the ability to fix every problem. He has never met a single situation that is beyond His ability, beyond His power. If it is broke, He can fix it. If it isn’t working anymore, He can repair it. I find it so encouraging that Jesus gave almost the same answer to both of these fathers. To Jairus He simply said, “Do not be afraid any longer, only believe.” And to the man with the demon possessed son Jesus said, “All things are possible to him who believes.” Wow! Both fathers had come to the end of their rope. There was nothing else they could do to help their children. But even as they felt their hearts sinking into despair, they discovered that their Father was holding them up with His own hands. The heavenly Father would not fail His earthly children… especially when it involved their children.

I know that some of you are faced with some impossible situations today with regard to your children. Some are bent on destruction. Some are racing toward death. You are convinced that if something doesn’t happen soon you will either be visiting them in prison or standing beside their casket. I know. Not because I am that father but because I was that child. But when my father had reached the end of his natural ability, when my father had reached the limits of his power, when I had exceeded my father’s ability to help me… my heavenly Father stepped in and changed everything. What my earthly father could not fix the heavenly Father transformed. Take heart today. Your children are not beyond His ability or His willingness. Two fathers had come to an end, the end of their own power and the end of their hope. But in that moment they ran to their Father. And in that moment the broken pieces of their lives were once again made whole. What these fathers could not fix, the heavenly Father forever changed