God Hasn’t Lost You

Nehemiah 1:1,11, “The words of Nehemiah the son of Hacaliah. Now it happened in the twentieth year, while I was in Susa the capital, that Hanani, one of my brothers, and some men from Judah came;…Now I was cupbearer to the king.”

One of my greatest fears has to do with my son. I am tremendously hesitant to take him any place with a large crowd. I am worried that I will lose him. Now I know that losing your children is a concern for all parents. We have all had those moments of panic when we realized that one of our children has wandered off while we were shopping at the local Wal-Mart. We scan up and down the aisle. We gently call their name. Once. Twice. Three times. With each time our desperation grows, our worry increases and the tone in our voice rises. Worst case scenarios flood our mind. What if…? But then we turn the corner to find them safe and sound in the middle of the cereal aisle.

But for me, that natural concern is complicated by my son’s autism. His language skills and his difficulties with handling his emotions are my real concern. Suppose it is a large venue? One where he cannot be easily found just by rounding the aisle. I worry that if he is found by someone else, he wouldn’t be able to communicate. Not his name. His address. The names of his parents. Nothing. Overcome with the anxiety of being separated from us and thrust into unfamiliar surroundings, my son would not be able to handle his emotions. I can see him falling to the floor in an almost uncontrollable fit of anger, tears and fear. Separated from his parents. Surrounded by strangers. All alone. Powerless to do anything about his situation. Lost.

Maybe you feel the lost today? Maybe you feel like God has misplaced you or forgotten all about you? I know I have at many times in my life. I have wondered if God knew I had wandered away. I strained to hear His voice calling out for me. I struggled with my feelings of separation. I fought against the unfamiliarity of strange circumstances. Filled with questions. Filled with confusion. Worst case scenarios began to flood my mind. What if…? The worst part was the feelings of isolation. All alone and no one seemed to either care or understand. My best efforts at communicating proved pointless. People would look at me like I was speaking a foreign language. Finally, I collapsed into a ball of anger, tears and fears. I felt powerless, alone, and lost.

If you find yourself in that place today let me encourage you with this thought. God knows where you are. Have you ever considered that with Him you can never be lost? Don’t allow your current feelings to deceive you. You are not alone. You are not forgotten. God knows just where you are even now. Consider Nehemiah. New passion and purpose were conceived in Nehemiah in the the most unlikely of places, i.e. the Persian capital. Nothing about either his vocation (cupbearer to the king) or his location hinted that God was at work in his life. If anything, God seemed completely removed and unconcerned. And yet, in that very place God set in motion a chain of events that would transform Nehemiah’s life in the upcoming year. Take heart. You have not been lost by God. He knows exactly where you are even now. And He is not finished with you. The best part of your story has yet to be written.