Lessons On Purity: Start With Seed

Proverbs 7:1-5, “My son, keep my words and treasure my commandments within you….that they may keep you from an adulteress, from the foreigner who flatters with her words.”

I had a craving the other day for fresh garden tomatoes. Not the kind you buy at the grocery store. But fresh tomatoes, the kind that are home-grown in the backyard. Even writing about it today makes my mouth begin to water. At any rate, I slipped my boots on, headed out to the backyard, ready to pick some ripe tomatoes. But to my surprise when I got to the backyard there was absolutely nothing to be found. Not one single tomato. At first I was filled with frustration but then it dawned on me. I hadn’t planted a single seed. Imagine that. Here I am expecting a harvest when I haven’t even taken the time to plant one seed. I know. Absolutely ridiculous on my part. Or is it?

Change often works the same way in our lives spiritually. We plant today what we hope to harvest tomorrow. We reap today what we planted yesterday. Far too many men are longing for change in their lives but are unwilling to take even the first necessary steps towards realizing their goals. Purity involves many different aspects, far too many to cover in one note. But one of the most crucial elements involves this idea of seed planting. If I want to experience real change in my life, I need to become deliberate in the type of seed that is being planted in my heart and mind. Seed determines harvest. If I am serious about purity in my life, I need to make certain that I am planting the right seed.

Proverbs 7:1-5 tells us that we find ourselves standing in the valley of decision between two differing sources of “words.” The first source is His words. The second source of “words” are the ones that come from temptation (lit. the adulteress, strange woman, foreigner…i.e., that thing that threatens your purity). How we relate to the first determines the influence of the second. God admonishes us to keep His Word, to treasure (value) His Word, to place it always before us, to bind it to our persons, to make it a part of our hearts and lives. Doesn’t sound much like the lukewarm, half-hearted approach to Bible reading and study that passes as the norm these days? Purity finds strength in passion, primarily a passion for God that finds expression in passion for His Word. Only a heart that is filled with His Word will find the power to resist and stand pure when tempted by “her” words.

Look back over the past few days and weeks of your life. What have you been planting in the fields of your mind and heart? Is your heart filled with His words or “her” words? For years I have counseled addicts of all types with the same basic advice. Step one always concerned the seed. Change begins with the Word. 15 minutes in His Word each morning will eventually change your life. Once I change the seed the harvest will eventually follow.

Sure…there are lots of other factors involved with regard to personal purity. But those are subjects to be dealt with in other notes. For now, we need to start at the heart. Change the seed. Read the Bible. Study the Bible. Find verses that deal with purity and begin to memorize them. Even 5 minutes at a time is better than nothing. Start small, but start. Begin to remove things from your life that are planting what I call “weed seed,” things that seem innocent but are really “her” voice. Be deliberate. Be determined. In time what you plant today will produce the harvest you desire. Purity is possible. Purity is His plan and purpose for your life.