The Breakfast Of Champions

John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

Scrambled eggs. Bacon. Cheese hashbrowns. Sausage patties. Sausage links. Ham. Yeast Rolls. Coffee. French toast. Pancakes. More bacon. More coffee. Chocolate cake. Sometimes 2 slices. Milk. Peanut butter brownie. More coffee.

Wow! Just thinking about it sounds good. For those of you who are wondering that is my normal Saturday morning ritual. I gather together with a few good friends and we spend a few hours just eating and enjoying one another’s company. Yeah, I know. That’s a lot of food. Sounds like the entire buffet at a local restaraunt (believe me…I try). But it is great fun and it has become one of the highlights of my week. Now, bear in mind, that is not my daily routine. Most mornings consist of nothing more than a single bowl of cold cereal. Maybe a bagel while I am heading out the door on my way to work. Not a lot (especially when you compare it to the Saturday morning all-you-can-eat buffet) but it is breakfast nonetheless.

Most of us have heard of the value of a good breakfast. Today I want to remind you of the value of a good spiritual breakfast. Simple. Straightforward. Nothing surprising or shocking in terms of spiritual revelation. Just a very important reminder. Truth that we all know. But still, it is a truth that we all struggle to put into practice. Our beginnings have tremendous impact on our endings. What we do at the dawn of the new day carries great influence as we move about throughout our day. How we start has large bearing on how we finish.

Is the Bible a part of our beginnings? Is His Word a part of each new morning? I can’t live off of last week’s breakfast. Today’s needs requires fresh sustenance. Live today…eat today. The same holds true in spiritual matters. Too many people are starving themselves in the morning, skipping the most important “meal” in the day, and then wondering why they lack the strength and vitality to run the race of life. I remain convinced of something that I have told people for years. 15 minutes in the morning will change your life. As a working man I understand the rush of morning preparation. Waking up. Getting the kids to school. Getting dressed. Driving to work. But I still manage to do two things every morning. I eat breakfast. I read His Word. After 20 years I am convinced of the value of those two simple choices (particularly the latter). Maybe you don’t have time to “eat” an entire buffet every morning. But hey, you need to do something. Start small (15 minutes). Start simple (one of the Gospels). But start. Let His Word be a part of the beginning of each new day.

In the beginning was the Word,…”