He Sees Around The Corner

Genesis 41:28, “It is as I have spoken to Pharaoh: God has shown to Pharaoh what He is about to do.

In my early 20’s I went to school for a brief period of time at a place called Young Harris College. Snuggled away at the base of the Blue Ridge mountains in north Georgia, the school was a small, intimate campus of about 300 students and teachers. As I headed north in my car, shortly after passing Atlanta, I would begin the steady climb up the mountain as I journeyed toward the school. Slowly but surely the road would wind back and forth as it crept it’s way from the base to the summit. As I traveled along I could look out across the ever-increasing majesty of the valley below. The view was simply breathtaking and to this day it remains one of my most vivid memories of that time in my life.

To be honest, the design of the road forced me to drive slowly. On one side of the car was the sheer rock face of the mountain itself. Unyielding. On the other side was the drop off into the valley below. Unforgiving. Common sense demanded that I keep my car positioned in the middle of the lane to insure my own security. A further complication was the numerous turns in the road. Every few minutes the road would take a sharp curve as it continued to wind it’s way up the mountain. The curves were so sharp that I simply could not see around the corner. I knew that the road continued but my concern was the unseen. A deer that had wandered into the road. A vehicle approaching from the other direction. A fallen boulder. My mind would race with objects and obstacles unknown.

The story of Joseph reminds us that although the road of life is filled with sharp curves we need not worry. Even though I cannot see around the corner I can rest. I can be at peace. My God sees around the corner. He has already traveled around the corner. In fact, because He is limited by neither time nor space, He is already around the corner. And He has fully prepared for every obstacle that might lie in my path. That which is unknown to me is not unseen to Him. He has seen it. He sees it. He knows about it. And I can trust that He has a plan for it.

The famine may have caught Pharaoh by surprise. But not God. He knew it was coming. And He had actually provided an answer years before the need had even existed. Take a look at Psalm 105 if you don’t believe me. “And He called for a famine upon the land; He broke the whole staff of bread. He sent a man before them, Joseph who was sold as a slave.” Before the famine even began God’s plan was already in position. God saw around the corner and made provision for the obstacle that now blocked the road. Famine was coming. But Joseph was ready and waiting. When the time of need arose the answer was already in place. I hope that serves as a word of encouragement to you today. Your need has not caught God off-guard. It did not take Him by surprise. He saw it coming and He has a plan. Take heart. Sometimes the road of life is filled with curves. But God is prepared. And He will get you to your destination.